Kelly Rainbow Buttercup  (Kel Kel) Washington

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Message from the Family

Loved By: Gina, Tilly, Jeff and her namesake Kelly T.

Memories & Candles

“ I remember Kelly! I was so excited to meet her and she was excited to meet me. She jumped up towards me and I jumped up to her. This caused...Read More ยป
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Kelly was a puppy when we got her from the APL. She was bound to my daughter from day one with her extra toes and sassiness. When she joined our family the house was full with cat sisters and a brother. Her surrogate mother, Shaka, trained her. From one smart Collie Shepherd to another Kelly grew and adapted to everything we did but riding in the car. Nothing cured her carsickness but that only trained my driving for our park excursions. Once Shaka passed she knew it was her job to not only watch over the house but to watch over my daughter and my grandfather. No one could raise their voice at my daughter or Kelly would part the seas and take her nose and head butt us to be quiet. One summer Kelly had the chance to take care of and train 9 Bull Mastiff and Rottweiler mixed puppies until each one of them left us confident and the best of pets as reported by the people that adopted them. When Kelly became the only one left of our four-legged friends she adapted to the rhythm of the house again but that did not last long. Her best friend Louise the cat joined the fold and Kelly nursed her back to health and then Leo came along after being displaced twice. He finally found a home and friends. Kelly loved water, licking my head, disciplining her cat sister and dog brother and being in the company of her family. There is no way to tell her story in the space provided here accept to say she was the best. Her fierce loyalty, intelligence and love were exemplary by many standards. As I adapted to her needs medically we grew closer. I did not realize how much of a part of my life was entwined with hers until her last breath. To say she will be missed pales in comparison to how I really feel. I have truly been blessed over the years with all of my four-legged family so let's just say that my Kelly was my heart and I know we will meet again.